OS: Make Me Yours

Stephens College, Delhi

The Prom Night….

Today i’ll say her everything, i’m gonna confess my love to her, no matter what will be her reaction…

I Love Her, that’s what matters the most..

I can handle her rejection too but can’t hide the fact anymore that i love her..

Go Arnav go, u can do it, i encouraged myself….

I went to the DJ n asked him to stop the music n hand over the mike to me..

Everyone got irritated with this, but i totally ignored them n started expressing my love…

Hello everyone! Today i want all of you to witness my love for the girl whom i love like anything… Be with me..

So here it goes….

Make me a second in ur busy hours,

Make me a shiny ray of hope when darkness showers,

When you feel alone let me know wherever I’m, I will fill the Emptiness,

Make me a tear if u feel like cry so that I oppose to be shedded,

Make me a smile when u are happy so that I never want to be faded,

Make me the confidence when it seems u cannot do it,

Make me the determination to reach ur goals so that I do not let u sit…….

Make me a part of urself !

Make me a trace of ur shadow, so that without u know it I follow u & be with u always !!

Might be it’s possible for u to see me alone at any point but for me I want us both to be attached forever !

So make me a part of ur soul, make me a part of urself !

Make me a part of whatever u are !


I was on my knees… Waiting either for the acceptance or the rejection…

I kept my eyes closed for some seconds n felt that someone has come infront of me..

So I immediately opened them to find my life, my Khushi standing infront of me with a big smile adorning her face…


I know Arnav u love me truly won’t ever leave me in the middle no matter how cumbersome the situation is !

So I’ve knowingly put my life, my heart into the palms of ur hand…

“Here do whatever, either u will mash it to pieces or forget I ever handed it to u..

In either of the situation

Khushi will be Arnav’s only…..

I was in a state of shock when Khushi said those lines…

It took some time for me to register the meaning of her words n when i got, I hugged Khushi & vowed to myself to keep her happy always…

Khushi can I ask u something?


Make me yours Khushi………….

She smiled shyly…

Can life could be more beautiful !!!